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Unlimited oasis wash club plan membership allows an unlimited number of washes for the registered vehicle for a one month period following the activation/recharge date of plan. Limited to one per day and only at participating locations. Plan Membership requires installation of a RFID oasis wash club windshield tag on the top center of windshield, below rear view mirror on registered vehicle.

Plan membership is purchased with a credit or debit card. The monthly rate for the first month is charged to the member’s card at the time of purchase (the activation date of the plan). The monthly rate is then automatically charged to the same card on the same date each month (the recharge date of the plan), or until the plan is canceled or terminated.
Members must contact oasis car wash to update their account when relevant information changes (credit card, telephone, email).

Members must contact oasis car wash. if registered vehicle’s tag is damaged or windshield is replaced. Tag will be deactivated and new tag will be issued with a s5 fee.
If a member wishes to cancel their plan, they must sign a cancellation form at car wash location.

If oasis car wash is unable to process a monthly recharge to a member’s credit card or debit card, the plan will be deactivated immediately.

If a tag is tampered with, or the plan is used in any way inconsistent with it’s terms and conditions, then the plan will be immediately terminated and all monies will be forfeited.

If a tag is dishonestly used on any vehicle other than the registered vehicle, then the plan will be immediately terminated, all monies will be forfeited, and the full retail rate of said washes will be charged to the customer’s credit or debit card.

Tags remain the property of oasis car wash and must be surrendered upon request. No refund or credit is given for any unused portion of a plan due to cancellation or termination. The plan may not be combined with any other coupon offer. The plan may not be applied to livery vehicles (taxis, limos). Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change.

In the event than plan rates change, the new rates will be posted on-site thirty days prior to effect, and will then be effective on the member’s next monthly charge.

Oasis car wash plans to close Easter, thanksgiving and Christmas days, and may also close for equipment upgrades or inclement weather.